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About Us - A family owned company

Malinda M. Julien, Cr. Photog., CPP


I have been in photography for almost 50 years now. (Wow, am I really approaching 60?)  My first paid photograph was a portrait of my Grandmother - I got a quarter. I was 8.  

My love of photography has taken me through many roads, exploring what I love to photograph and developing my education. 

I attended the University of Texas at Arlington, (with a few semesters at Texas Christian University).  Now my education carries on with many conferences, national organizations, and constant self-study.  I am a Certified Professional Photographer and achieved my Photographic Craftsman degree in 2019 through the Professional Photographers Association.  I also hold an Associate Fellowship with the Texas Professional Photographers Assoc.

I am a member of Dallas Professional Photographers Assoc. Guild , Texas Professional Photographers Assoc and Professional Photographers Association , American Society of Media Photographers and American Society of Photographers. 



We all donate our time to many charitable organizations and assist our community of Saginaw (just North of Fort Worth) in many events and endeavors. 

My passion and specialty is food photography. I also contribute with Executive Portraits, Architecture, and Real Estate along with Commercial and Private Events.  Editorial work for magazine freelancer.


We are members of our local Saginaw Area Chamber of Commerce.

I offer instruction on photography, editing, business, through our studio as well as a guest speaker for companies and associations.


Currently working towards my Photography Masters and Master Artist degrees through PPA.

Charles C. Lambert, BFA


I have been in photography all my life having grown up in my Mother's studio.  At an early age I was in my playpen on the beaches of Hawaii watching my Mother photograph for Harley Davidson. 

Attending and graduating from Hardin Simmons University in Abilene with a degree in Fine Art Photography, I continue to study along with our family team and maintain my own interests. 

I love to shoot film, (I own my Mother's old Hasselblad) and am a photographic purist. I am not a big post edit type of photographer. 

I specialize in detail and fine art work and am the go-to photographer for models and executive and personal portraiture. 

I play the viola, violin, and guitar as well as enjoy playing video games and enjoying a quiet evening at home with my wonderful fiancé, Carra. We have two dogs, Boss and Roxie and a Betta fish named "RGB".

Jon R. Lambert, BSA


I have been around photography all my life, but never imagined that is where my life would take me. 

Graduating from the College of Architecture at Texas Tech University, I thought I would become an architect.  After graduating I had some time off to look for just the right firm and began working in our family business.  Soon, I found I loved photographing architecture and food! 

This is now my second year and I plan to stay.  Having my education in Architecture, it makes it easy for me to work with architects, construction companies and real estate agents, as I completely understand and appreciate the structure before me. 

I play guitar and violin and live with my fiancé and friend, Carly, with our dog, Phil, and our cat, Molly.  I play "Magic" for fun and have competed a few times.  

Jon A. Julien


We have been married for over 2 decades and during that time I have learned a lot about photography.  

I assist our family business in caring for all the equipment, photographing events, and drone work. 

We  have been married for over 20 years and each day is an adventure!

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