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The Gardens Restaurant

The Fort Worth Botanic Gardens is well know for it's beauty - what you might not know is the gem of The Gardens Restaurant. (photo by Jon Lambert) The Restaurant cuddled inside the garden beside the Japanese Gardens and across from the Rose Garden is a treasure. Fresh foods with a modern twist presented by dedicated chef Jorge and servers, Elizabeth and many others makes this my go to for lunch. The building is a beautiful old rock building with large windows to enjoy the gardens. I always turn off my cell, sit and enjoy delicious iced tea and anxiously await my lunch. One of my very favorites is their Classic Hamburger with fried egg. Oh my, the bun is fresh and light, the beef is seared

Industrial Photography Excitement

Overhead cranes (photo by Charles Lambert) When we get a chance to photograph any type of industrial locations we are all high five'ing each other! There is something special about industrial areas - the lines are so exciting, the color of the ever present reds and yellows, hard hats, closed toe shoes, all of it makes us happy to get up early and head out the door.. The sparks of welders, the sheer size of large industrial companies, the people who all work together to create a product or repair large engines, it is the sheer perfection of machinery. For years ( when I still paid for cable - I am now termed as a "cord-cutter") I watched "How It Is Made" with delight. Every spring, screw and