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Is your Turkey Photo not cutting the mustard?

Ah, the holidays are upon us! The world presents cooks and diners from around the US to gather at the table for a wonderful meal. Cooks and chefs alike are planning the perfect sides and the most beautiful turkey! Place settings will be planned, relatives and friends are planning the trip... There you are, poised with this tradition and you are out to create the most social media worthy photograph of your great dinner. You Google "taking thanksgiving photos" and it all looks so simple! You have your camera or maybe just your iPhone 7 and are armed with knowledge. Yet, somehow your images are not what you see others posting. Food photography can be more challenging than you think, so ple

Shoot like it is FILM

I recently covered the USAF Thunderbirds at the Bell Helicopter Air Show at Alliance Airport. Always such a thrill to see these pilots flying precision fly-bys and breaking the sound barrier over your head. Armed with my best lens, a super camera, charged batteries and my trusty eye I was ready to get that "shot" the one I would remember this event and make my client have an "oh wow" moment. Poised at the ready - right on the flight line as I lifted my camera and did a light check, I realized the sun was to my back. Super for the images in front of me; however, not so good for the LCD display on the back of my camera. Oh boy, I can't see if this is right and I don't have any time at all t