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But I have an iPhone.....? Why Professional Photography Matters

We've all seen it... the newest, greatest version of a smartphone comes out and suddenly everyone is a photographer. Your social media feed is full of it:

Aunt Sharon's one millionth photo of her floofy dog, Snuffles, because OMG ISN'T SHE JUST THE CUTEST...

Millennial Braxton's fancy shrimp and grits brunch on Instagram (#ishouldbeaphotographer, #bestphotoever)...

You see where I'm going with this?

Now, I don't mean that all smartphone photos are bad. Smartphones are a great way to capture snapshots on the fly and carry those memories with you wherever you go. You could say that your camera roll is the new plastic wallet insert. So if that's the case, why on earth would you ever hire a Pro?

When you hire a Pro, you get results. It's that simple.

When we work for you, you receive quality photos that will look beautiful printed in an album or as a canvas on your wall. Plus we also store them online for you, so when you need those photos again, they are right there. You'll have access to the years of knowledge our professionals have learned on the job. And, you have a company working for you that genuinely has your best interests at heart.

That being said, let's think about some things...

What if instead of taking a photo with her phone when Snuffles falls asleep, Aunt Sharon brought Snuffles into our studio, and in place of her surrounded by dirty blankets, Snuffles looked like an elegant, furry Queen? Well, then you'd have this:

Let's face it, Snuffles looks better than a lot of social media profile pictures I've seen... With a Pro's work, you have a high quality image you can enlarge and hang over your sofa if you wanted. You most definitely cannot do that with a smartphone photo.

And what if, instead of Millennial Braxton's subpar iPhone brunch photo circulating the internet, you hired a Pro to photograph your dishes? You want your image to look professional, because you've worked really hard to make your business successful. It would certainly increase traffic to your restaurant. I mean I want to eat this, don't you?

The majority of people make decisions today based on what they can see. If you have attractive photos of your product, people are going to be more inclined to purchase that product and tell their friends about it. After all, word of mouth is your best advertising campaign.

Moral of the story? Whether it’s for personal use or to promote your business, it's worth the extra cost to hire a professional photographer. Pros have years of experience to create a photograph you'll love and better equipment with more capabilities than smartphones. They may be more plentiful, but smartphones will never replace a professional's expertise.

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