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Malinda Julien

More about me..

If you are on this page, you are curious about my background and thoughts.  It is a rather long and convoluted story, but I'll be brief.....

I love photography, the entire concept has always been exciting for me.  From the beginning with nothing more than sunsets and flowers, waiting for the photos to come back from the lab at the drug store in about 2 weeks to the instant tether to a lap top.. it never gets old.  Taking what I see in my mind and making it real.

Lines, bridges, colors, shapes, a very graphic style, usually highly post produced, whether black and white or pops of color, all are my go to.  While I specialize in food and architecture, I also enjoy "themed portraiture".  That is creating a portrait where you can be anyone anytime.  (see my portfolio Themed Portraits)

We travel, Jon and I, and those photographs create for a lot of hit-the-brakes, left-turn, and come back, get out the equipment, wait for the light, and BOOM, got it!  This truly tests the patience of anyone who travels with me.  Jon is always game and is perfect at helping me get all those great shots.   These shots usually end up for sale in our new ShadowWorks Gallery, or in a book I am working on.

I have been a photographer since I was 8 years old.  That is over 55 years (you do the math...) Even while I was working at other endeavors, photography has always been there.

What else do I do?  Hum...  I am on the Planning and Zoning Committee for our City (you have to give back!), host my own cooking show on YouTube™ called Home Cooking Kitchen , write cookbooks, author fine art books, instruct classes for photography, Adobe™ Photoshop & Lightroom, cooking and motivational and professional speaking.

I do alot with dogs - yes, ... dogs!  I am a dog show judge, official photographer for a lot of the dog shows here in Texas (and a few out of state as far as Michigan!), retired DPS Licensed Private Investigator and retired Police K9 instructor and certification official at our US Tactical Law Enforcement Academy (USTK9) outside Abilene, Texas.   I specialized in narcotics, explosives and human remains location .  Boy, now those are some stories best told with a few Crown Royal™ shots.  (Or even a margarita or two)... I have competed in conformation, agility, rally, obedience, herding and Mondio Ring. 

Many of my public appearances have to do with the K9 world.  I have presented at the International Working Dog Association annual event twice, once in San Antonio, Texas and in Iper, Belgium.  I have been published in many associated magazines, including Veterinary Medicine and Behavioral publications about training K9s for scent work.  Newspapers like the Dallas Morning News, Abilene Reporter news and a few others.  I have taught and consulted in Croatia on land mine detection with K9s and been published in Journal of Mine Detection in 2001.  

We retired from the working K9 world in 2013 and moved to Saginaw, Texas (just North of Fort Worth) and opened our commercial studio full time.   In 2014 my sons, Charles and Jon joined us and they co-own our studio.  

No matter what I am doing, I give 100%.  

Photography wise I have done about every type of photograph you can imagine!  All of this has led me to my passion of commercial photography.  I love the detail and challenges it brings!  I am a studio photographer, love the complete control of light and shadow, engineering the shoot and making something spectacular.  I am not much of a portrait photographer, I leave that to Charles- he is the master in this area.  

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