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/malinda m. julien,

I have been photographing everything all my life.  My first portrait made me .25¢, it was for my Grandmother, I was 8.

From conception to print, the entire idea of photography, that one single moment in time, captured, forever, is so thrilling to me. 

I have had lots of careers, all which contribute to my view of the world.

I hope someone, somewhere, looks at an image I have created and remembers me.


  • Working in the industry since 1988

  • Specializing in:

    • Food Photography

    • Products

    • Architecture

    • Dog Sports & Competitions

    • Post Production

  • Author:

    • Sugar Biscuit Journey Cookbook​

    • Butter Beans Cookbook

    • ESSENTIALS - The Heros of Saginaw, Texas during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    • Paved Paradise

  • Published:

  • Instructor:

    • Photography​

    • Post Production


  • Married to Jon Julien

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Photo Credit: Charles Lambert

master photographer,
Cr Photog. CPP
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