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Our Work

Experience the power of art with Shadow Works Gallery. Our projects are a celebration of creativity, imagination and individuality. Our artists infuse every project with their unique perspective, resulting in an unparalleled collection of art prints. Visit our website to learn more about our projects and discover the perfect art piece for your home or office.



Stephen King Inspired

At Shadow Works Gallery, we take pride in our interpretation of Stephen King's novels and characters. Our gallery is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the world of his books through our unique and thought-provoking art pieces. Our continuing series of pieces is a testament to our dedication to bringing his stories to life in innovative and inspired ways. We strive to create breathtaking pieces that not only excite fans of King's work, but also art lovers across the board.


In The Box

The artist, Malinda M Julien, has created an artistic haven for food lovers. Our exhibits are a unique experience, showcasing culinary masterpieces in a vintage box inspired by the love of food and art. Come and indulge your senses! With our diverse range of exhibits, we aspire to inspire creativity and imagination in our guests. Shadow Works Gallery is a must-see destination for anyone who appreciates the art of culinary creations.

In The Box May 2019-SSR_0147_©JulienLambert_2023_web_edited.jpg


Under the Bridges

Malinda  is committed to capturing the beauty and intrigue of architectural structures. In my travels, I have developed a passion for bridges, analyzing their leading lines and unique angles. My bridge study project is a testament to my love for photography and my ability to find the beauty and art in every structure.


Bike-Her - The Book

Artist Malinda Juilen believes that every subject deserves to be seen in the best light possible. This recent project focused on showcasing the powerful women who have made their mark on the biker world. Through her lens, she has captured their stories with authenticity and respect. Behold the stunning images and learn more about the project and the book coming in 2024.

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