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If you would like Malinda Julien Photography (our dog show division) to be the official at your next show, please complete this submission form and we'll get right back to you!

If you are renewing your contract, please click "renew".  This will enact your contract as it currently exists. 

If you'd like a new contract, please put that in "notes" on the form. 

If you'd like to check our calendar first, please visit:

  • We never charge to be your official

  • All juniors photos (not just Best Jr!) are free with parent or guardian approval

  • Club members photos are free - we appreciate how hard you work!

  • Same day review at the show and online!

  • Instant purchase at the show and online!

  • No charge to "Add the Judge"

  • Competitive pricing with all other official photographers


  • Reshoots at no charge!

  • Retouching? No problem! only $15!

  • Same price online as at the show

  • Apple Pay™ available

  • Airdrop™ onsite!

  • Professional and polite - no matter what!


  • We take the photos of the judges before the show begins (takes about 4 minutes each).  

  • There is NO CHARGE for this service to the exhibitor

  • All photos are taken on the podium so everyone's photographs are beautiful

  • We do not come to the ring.  This keeps your show moving and no calls for "Photographer to ring 2!!"

  • The Judges enjoy having this service; however, if the judge does NOT wish to participate, all they have to do is say so.

  • We suggest judges come up for all Group Placements and Best in Show

  • Judges are welcome to come up for any photo they wish, of course!

  • Very good especially for young or inexperienced dogs.  Plenty of time to be patient and get that right shot!

  • No lines or people wanting to come up front because "that is my judge!"

See the samples below.  

Pembroke Welsh Corgi #10 Fri BOB Judge MARIA (LILY) RUSSELL -MMJ_2314-HR3_edited.jpg
Pembroke Welsh Corgi #10 Fri BOB Judge MARIA (LILY) RUSSELL -MMJ_2314e-HR3_edited.jpg
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