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Your headshot is more than a profile photo, more than a photo of you - it is who you are in your business - your attitude, your talent, your moxy

A quick cell phone photo is tempting, get it over with, or maybe an older photo? easier..

Right now when everything and everyone is opening up, when the world is online and making decisions on images within seconds, your headshot is your entire business. 

We understand that.  We also know that a person with a professionally shot headshot as their main image is more likely to be looked at as a professional.  Let's make that happen for you. 

Easy and painless - we promise!

1) we only take one person at a time in our studio - it is all about YOU!

2) at your convenience and takes about 45 minutes to an hour

3) bring in some different looks, no charge, and let's put together just the right look

4) different professional backgrounds

5) need some options? Let's take a few!  No extra charge and then you have them!

6) you can see each shot as we take it on a large screen to see if we are on the same page and if you like the way the images are looking

7) Choose right on the spot!  

8) Your portrait goes into a light polishing and retouching and to you usually same day!•

9) we upload all  your images (both the one(s) you chose and the others) to your personal online gallery - just in case you need a different look later!

10) and the best part??? 


High resolution


Web ready!

No session fee - $99 + sales tax (of course!) per image

Professional backgrounds to match just about any need for basic headshots

Basic White, Slate Grey, Thunder Grey, Natural Red Brick, Blue Grey and White Washed Brick.

Want something more dramatic?  A little more moody?  Our Executive Portraits are for you!  We can even do them at the same session if we plan ahead!  There is a little extra fee for this  type of portrait - but absolutely totally worth it!

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